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The Social Positivists

 the society for the advancement of positive knowledge 

What We Do Expanded

  • Disseminate information on Social Positivism.
  • Seek non-contingent truths (direct truth).
  • Promote direct ownership.
  • Promote direct markets as alternative to free markets.
  • Promote local autonomy.
  • Promote subsidiarity by working to download power onto grassroots jurisdictions.
  • Demonstrate real solutions are sourced in and through scripture.
  • Promote direct funding as a vehicle for the acquisition and promotion of direct ownership.
  • Promote the voice of the Middle Class.
  • Promote direct ownership as the foundation of human rights.
  • Design and develop Direct Markets as a science based economic model.
  • Oppose the disempowerment models proposed by the left.
  • Oppose the legal rights policies of the left.
  • Combat the social divisions produced by the legal rights model.
  • Help people start local businesses based on direct ownership.
  • Promote direct ownership as a way to promote human rights.
  • Oppose the divisive influence of public and semi-private ownership models.
  • Promote property rights as an inalienable element of our human rights.
  • Promote cooperation and consensus building between stakeholders.
  • Combat the divide and conquer strategies of liberalism and the liberal state.
  • Help property owners identify and eliminate sources of risk using direct markets.
  • Promote a local way to do business that benefits all stakeholders.
  • Combat hierarchies in both the public and private sector.
  • Coordinate efforts to redress historic oversights and grievances connected to mankind's property rights.
  • Protect and promote our universal and inalienable rights to the lands we inhabit.
  • Encourage the formation of direct exchanges and grassroots organizations.
  • Oppose globalism and its expression in and through indirect ownership models.
  • Oppose relativism and emotionalism in politics, economics and our churches.