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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"


Subsidiarity is the principle of simplicity. Subsidiarity tells us that we must always find the most basic and elemental solution.

Subsidiarity constitutes a third theory of economics equivalent to capitalism and communism.

Positivists promote the direct ownership of the means of production.


Family: The simple response to the nature of the family is the biological response, biology defines the nuclear family as a male, female and offspring. Social Positivists support the traditional role of men and woman.


Ownership: The simplest form of ownership is direct ownership.

Personal ownership is direct ownership at the personal level.

Personal ownership morphs simply and naturally into direct ownership at the commercial or business level.


Labor They Of Value: The Labor Theory of Value is the simplest explanation of value and prices. Adopting direct ownership makes the Labor Theory of Value a viable basis for determining prices.