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Social Positivists

 "the party that promotes market solutions" 

Legal rights are products of a liberal state. Legal rights create social division and social injustice because they are not generated by methodological science. The worlds political and economic systems are based on legal rights and are corrosive of the social order. Anything that produces social  division creates injustice. Injustice offends our human rights. Injustice destroys peace, prosperity and progress. Injustice destroys the church. Demand justice. Fight for the right to have all social policy to be based on reason, not emotion. 

About Us

Social Positives is a new way to do politics.

All Social Positivist Policy:

  • Is market based.
  • Creates self-financing and self-governing programs.
  • Are not dependent on election wins to work.
  • rejects the need for a public sector.
  • Supports grassroots activism and subsidiarity.
  • download power onto the local level.
  • rejects the need for taxation.
  • rejects the concept of the prescriptive state.
  • Views the government role as administrative only.
  • Supports the view of a government composed of employees who are hired and fired in the same way private sector employees are.


Who We Are:

Social Positivist is a party that promises to end unemployment.


What We Do:

Social Positivists generate programs and policies that contribute to the elimination of unemployment.


How We Do It:

Social Positivists help people implement Exchanges as a grassroots program for the elimination of unemployment.


The Nature Of Evil